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  • japan on 2015-Apr-08 11:35:43 japan said

    Japoni shpiku më të fortë marrëdhëniet sulm radio dhe vjedhurazi, etj në botë. Amerika u mësoi valët e radios sulm, vjedhje, etj nga Japonia. Amerika nuk është e drejtë që të bazojnë territorin e Japonisë.

    Below, English

    https://translate.google.co.jp/#ja/en/%E3%80%82 (përkthim)
    Japan invented the strongest attack radio Relations and stealth, etc. in the world. America was taught the attack radio waves, stealth, etc. from Japan. America is no right to base territory of Japan.
    Only the United States has the territory in the world. Other countries is a good country because I abandoned the territory before the South America and Africa, etc. from several decades. America is low brain animal below. America is a low brain large fool. Please cooperate to abandon the American base territory from Japan.

    Is your country a hairy caterpillar? Do you unilaterally fool nothing fit spear be war in the radio waves as much as 50 years in Japan. Please mail by translating the following statement to the words of your country to the public, politicians of your country.

    Your country is a big loss if you do not imperative annual donation from Japan. Because, half of the Japanese economy is that of your country. Japan has challenged with radio waves so that it is not to develop your country 50 years ago.

    How to drop kick the foreign economy in radio waves is to crime, civil war generation and life destruction, disease, etc. by radio waves. Radio waves attack is given damage in secret so that it is not aware of the person.

    In the radio waves by changing the free thinking politicians and president, etc. of your country, Japan attacks that your country is not developed are doing in the radio waves.

    Using radio waves, invention to attack human beings Japan invented first the most in the world. America stole the invention of Japan.

    Japan are attacking the human being fired radio waves from satellite.

    Japan are attacking the people of the Middle East and Europe, etc. of undeveloped that does not raise the satellite.

    Or who are in the insanity in the radio waves of attack is to crash the plane, and is causing the war like a Israel.

    Japan is attacking in order to drop kick the Middle East and Europe and Africa and South America, etc. of economy.

    Until now, Japan is supposed to know also had a monopoly automobile companies, etc.

    Japan was set to not make a company in a foreign country by attacking foreign satellite radio waves. They stole the foreign economy.

    There is astronomical observatory that send radio waves to satellite to Peru mountain, long time ago, Peru activists there was a case that was trying to steal the radio waves weapons. It is easy to attack the Peru and South America United States and Europe, etc. from Peru. The observatory will drop kick the economy by attacking the Peru and South America United States and Europe, etc., is in order to stolen in Japan.

    Japan is you can floated in the air the person, even gravity wave generator that can only be used in that bad to be an accident the car is also in Gifu Prefecture Kamioka-cho, astronomical observatory. Observation of celestial bodies are not too known, one person also unnecessary, though silly, have worked dozens. Japan have to attack foreign to launch the radio waves to the satellite in the dozens. Since the Self-Defense Forces of Japan does not even war, anything from never do, you can hide the parabolic antenna to the building, you are attacking the foreign by launching a radio to satellite.

    How to drop kick the foreign economy in radio waves is to generate so that the civil war to be multiple crimes by radio waves.

    Japan is another aspect of the present invention is placed on the invention patents and newspaper 60 years ago. Invention is to generate sound waves, ultrasound at one point on the earth. The invention is God as well be talking in waves or radio waves reflecting brain identification device. Invention by generating ultrasonic waves at one point of the brain, and changing the human thought, can be handled in the same manner doll. It automatic identification enables the rapid moving object. Invention as you are looking at the radio 5 yen coin of Australia from Japan was in the newspaper. In the radio waves by changing the free thinking politicians and president, etc. of your country, Japan attacks that your country is not developed are doing in the radio waves.

    Nippon paint (stealth airplane) that do not appear on the radar was also invention.Japan is to tell the radio waves in the United States, do not tell me in your country, are attacking your country in the radio waves.

    Current ESP are all performed in satellite radio. In Japan there is a large bridge(Seto oohasi) of 2km that do not appear on the radar. The paint is all of airplane-ship can not appear on the radar.

    Deficit of Japan by lumps the world, is because they are not donated request from abroad. World first place deficit of Japan's tax was generated by increasing the skills and indirect taxes, and have fun with to increase in interest. People are not in trouble any. The order is to be so as not to be noticed in the world and that the stealing the world of company (such as an automobile) in radio 50 years ago. Future to say the government is indirect tax of until now was wrong, if in fact it was not, the deficit is zero.

    Japan to confidential unilaterally, is war in the world using the radio 50 years ago. Japan was a time to export by monopolizing the car of the world. Now, by using a top-secret radio waves attack, you are building a company such as an automobile of Japan to the world.

    Japan attack the world via radio waves, by or to offend, or by a plane crash, and is allowed to war like a Israel, have dropped kick the world economy.

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